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Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

Reviewing an eagerly anticipated so-called Next-Gen game of 2014. Does it live up to it’s expectation as an open world game of a hacker?

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PlayStation 4 E3 Review

PlayStation 4 E3 Review After a long wait, Playstation 4 was unveiled to the world today at E3 show. After the cancellation in February with some teaser information, we finally saw the new PS4 and the upcoming games. Sony CEO also revealed some changes in the Playstation Network and their policy with the game ownership in Playstation 4 (details below). What attracted me to Playstation 4 in comparison...
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iCloud Verification Email Fix

Additional to iOS 5 and iPhone 4GS, Apple has also introduced a new Cloud storage service known as iCloud. The purpose of iCloud is to upload data that can be shared among other Apple related devices that can access the Internet. You can upload documents, images to daily mobile backup incase you want to retrieve it later. 5GB of free storage is given automatically and additional...
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iTunes Hang Up After iPhone Sync Pro...

Recently Apple released their new iPhone 4GS and along with that, they released iOS 5. I was very interested in getting that since the OS is backward compatible with iPhone 4 which is what I have. I plugged in my iPhone and connected with my iTunes 10.4.1 and tried to update to the latest iOS. Got an error message in iTunes stating that I have to update my iTunes and only then I...
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Session Handling in .NET

As a developer, one of the issues I’ve had during coding was remembering all the sessions I have created. I may have created a temporary session that gets used between a few pages or I may have a session that exists throughout the website for a long period of time. The difficult part is remembering which sessions have been created and in use. There are ways to check if a...
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Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins When I had a chat with my fellow gamer friends about best RPG games after finishing Mass Effect 1 & 2, I was recommended 2 specific game series. One was Witcher and the other was Dragon Age. Comparing both, I was told that Witcher is more action oriented while Dragon Age is longer and strategic. Since Dragon Age was more team play style and I decided to give Witcher first try....
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